Are Body Scrubs Necessary? | Angel Kisses Co

Are Body Scrubs Necessary? | Angel Kisses Co


Body scrubs , foaming body scrubs and coffee scrubs has lately been the new craze! Everyone is using them and if they aren’t, I can guarantee they want to! But, the real question is are body scrubs necessary? First, let’s get into the definition of a body scrub.


 Body scrubs are physical exfoliants made with ingredients like sugar and sea salt to remove dead skin cells.  They can be purchased online or in stores and they can also be made at home. 

How Do Body Scrubs Work?

The main exfoliant ingredient (sugar, sea salt, coffee…) used in Body Scrubs helps physically remove dead skin cells. These abrasive ingredients help stimulate skin cell turnover which will result in smooth, beautiful , glowing skin. Body scrubs are also known to be a skin lightener and can help remove dark areas, spots and scars.

are sugar scrubs necessary?


Body Scrubs can be used up to three times a week. Using body scrubs too often can lead to dry , irritated skin. If your skin feels irritated after using a Scrub, you may be over exfoliating or applying the scrub too hard. 

Which Body Scrubs Are Best?

Here at Angel Kisses Co. , we have plenty of scrubs to choose from. We have foaming scrubs, coffee scrubs, and our new body slushees.

Our foaming scrubs are perfectly made to cleanse and exfoliate at the same time. This scrub is made with some of the finest ingredients including our fluffy whipped soap. You can check them out here.

Our coffee scrubs are made with liquid African Black Soap, Castile Soap, Sugar and Coffee. This scrub can help with skin irritations, acne, hyperpigmentation and eczema. Check out our coffee scrub here

Our new body slushees are so juicy, it is truly food for the skin. Super hydrating and moisturizing , our slushees are infused with nourishing ingredients like safflower oil and Shea butter . Check out our new body slushees here


WANT TO DIY IT? Here is an easy sugar scrub recipe to do at home! 

Lemon Cake Sugar Scrub

2 cups granulated sugar

1/3 cup of any carrier oil (olive, almond, coconut)

4-5 drops of lemon and vanilla essential oil 

Mix together two cups of granulated sugar and 1/3 cup of carrier oil. Stir and add the oil slowly to create a soft consistency. Add the drops of lemon and vanilla essential oil. Finally, scoop the mixture into a jar.

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