The difference between body creams and body butters| Angel Kisses Co.

The difference between body creams and body butters| Angel Kisses Co.

which is better Body creams or body buttersKeeping your skin moisturized should be a top priority in your everyday routine. Hydrated, moisturized skin helps create a healthy skin barrier that leads to soft, glowing skin. During colder temperatures, our sun begin to experience dryness. This is why Body butters and body creams are so important.

There are many moisturizers out there to help rehydrate your skin to keep it feeling silky smooth. But, which is best for your skin? I’m so glad you asked! Determining whether you need a body butter or a body cream can not be known without first understanding the difference between the two. Below we will explain the key differences between body butters and body creams. We will also recommend some of our best selling moisturizers! 

Body Creams

Body creams are a little thicker than your normal body lotion but not as thick as body butters. Body Creams contain more oils than water which is key to creating a barrier that reduces moisture loss. Body creams are more hydrating and non greasy.

Body Butters

 Body butters are the thickest moisturizers on the market. They are mainly made of butters like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Mango Butter. Body butters are used to retain moisture and lubricate the skin. Body Butters are normally used after a lightweight moisturizer like body lotion or body cream to help seal in the moisture from those products. They tend to be a little greasy but can help ease eczema, dry skin and other skin irritations. Body butters are all natural and can be used on the lips as well. 

Which is better?

If you are someone that suffers with really dry skin, I suggest using a body cream to hydrate your skin. Just like our bodies, our skin needs water as well. Since body creams do contain water, this would be the best moisturizer for you. You can also use the body butter to lock in the moisture which will result in longer hydration and a soft glow.  If you have oily skin, I suggest body creams since they are more lightweight and less greasy. If your skin is hydrated, I suggest body butters to help maintain hydration. And it’s perfect for when you are just wanting a nice glow when you are out.


Honestly, body creams and body butters are both perfect for your skin. It all depends on your skin type and what you are looking for in a product. If you can’t decide on one, try both! 

Here are our best selling body creams and butters


Lemon Poundcake Body Cream

Tropical  Mojito Body Frosting


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